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Photo Gallery

These are my two Aussies, Sheila and Pesto.
Click on them to see their pedigrees.



This is Sheila's first litter at 5 weeks. Pesto is the only blue merle!
To see more pictures of Sheila and Pesto, click here.

Owned by Vicki Contreras

Owned by Vicki Contreras

Owned by Andrew McLennan

Owned by Karen

Owned by Lorie

Courtesy of Zuzanna Juris

Owned by Diane, visit his page here.

Owned by Theresa

Owned by Paul and Carol

Photo Gallery 2

If you'd like to submit an Aussie picture for the photo gallery,
please email it to me here.
Please include your dog's name, your name, and your email to be posted under the photo.
When I run out of room, I will post only new photos.