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Welcome to Aussies By Amanda!
by Amanda
Do you want to learn about Australian Shepherds?
You've come to the right place, then!

History of the Breed
Learn how Aussies came to be.
Coat Colors
Curious about colors?

Photo Gallery
Take a look at some Aussies in action and submit your own photo!
The Breed Standard
How to Get Further Information

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        Australian Shepherds Online--All kinds of helpful and interesting things!
        Awesome Aussies--One I really recommend.
        Australian Shepherd--Good information.
        Aussie FAQ--Loads of info!!
        The Australian Shepherd Homepage--More information, including a list of top dogs.
        Australian Shepherd Club of America--The official home page of ASCA.
        United States Australian Shepherd Association--The official home page of USASA.
        Painted Rose Australian Shepherds--Painted Rose kennels. A long list of informative links!
        Aussiedogy's Home Page--Come meet "Blue!" Some good information and links, too.
        Australian Shepherd Photo Page--More Aussie photos. Add your own!
        Australian Shepherd Rescue Page--Come save an Aussie.

I used these books for my information.

        Hartnagle-Taylor, Jeanne Joy. All About Aussies. Alpine Publications, 1996.
        Hartnagle, Joseph. Australian Shepherds. T.F.H., date of publication unkown.
        Palika, Liz. The Australian Shepherd: Champion of Versatility. Howell Book House, 1995.


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Mimi's Dog Award

Bandit's Award
Tail Wagging Award


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