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Bolero (D'arry Frank) mini-resin,
painted by Chris Jolly to a wonderful medium dapple grey, 2000.
I absolutely LOVE him, right down to his tiny shoes and
pinking under the pastern joint on his white legs (3 out of 4)!
Thank you, Chris!

"Brewer's Champ"
Winston (Leslie Kathman) draft mini-resin,
painted by Gina Anderson to this stunning sorrel (actual color is less red), 1997.
He even has tiny little shoes with toe clips and nails and detailed braids.
Shown as a Suffolk Punch stallion. He is NAN qualified for '99-'00.

"Jean Claude"
Bizet (D'arry Frank) mini-resin painted by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner, September 1996.
Shown as a French Ardennes Draft stallion.

Lailah (Judy Renee Pope) mini-resin painted by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner, July 1999.
Shown as an Egyptian Arab mare. "Amira" is Arabic for "Princess".
Possible sale for good offer.

"Rudy Valentino"
Chaney mini Welsh Cob Type C resin, painted to a
golden chestnut tobiano Chincoteague/Welsh gelding by Sheri Rhodes, 1999.
She paid great attention to detail (his eyes are amazing!).
This cutie is already NAN-qualified for '00-'01.

"D's Catch 22"
D's Rameses mini-resin painted by sculpting artist DeeAnn Kjelshus
to a very well shaded red bay Selle Francais gelding November 1999.
Has a wide blaze with a pink muzzle that you can't see in the pictures.

"Cracker Jack"
D's Fortinbras mini-resin (DeeAnn Kjelshus) painted to a bay roan
Clydesdale stallion by Kate Schick, 2000. Kate did an excellent job
with this horse, his roaning is even better in person.

WBP La Reina B (Chris Jolly), Little Bit sized resin stock mare,
artist's choice #33/50 in bay Appaloosa, 1996.
Several times NAN qualified.
This gal was a Christmas surprise for 1999!

"Phantom Rain"
Phantasm mini-resin (Darian Buckles),
painted a dark dapple charcoal grey Mustang stallion
by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner, 1999. Very unique!
He NAN Qualified his first time out at Spring Fever Live 2000.

**NOTE: All of my pictures are scanning in redder than they are in actuality.
Please keep this in mind as you view these models.**


Haflinger traditional pony resin by Chaney - dapple palomino by Sandi Bendel
He's on his way! See him here.

Gremlin mini-resin by Lisa Rivera - Bay tobiano paint by Lisa
He's on his way, too! No photo yet.

"Double Dare"
Dusty mini-resin by Sonya Johnson - Appaloosa by Laurie Jo Jensen

Nellie Belle
LB-size draft foal resin by Candace Liddy - undecided color by Kate Schick

ES Elfhaime
Mini draft foal resin by Jennifer Irwin - Artist's Choice painted

WBP Androclese
Mini-resin by Chris Jolly - Dapple bay by Tom Bainbridge

Classic resin by Linda York - Dapple palomino by Michelle Locke

WBP Covenant Keep
Traditional Lippit Morgan resin by Chris Jolly - undecided color/artist


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